How to make South Africa a great place to work and beat the talent migration bug

By Dalya Ketz, MD at Gcubed Boutique Recruitment The global phenomenon dubbed the “Great Resignation” has South Africa firmly in its grasp, but the profile of workers resigning from jobs differs from the rest of the world. Where other countries experienced a mass resignation of low wage workers, in South Africa, highly skilled, qualified workers

Creating indispensable employees means getting recruitment right the first time

By Dalya Ketz, MD at Gcubed Boutique Recruitment In a candidate-driven market, it’s tempting for employees to think that they’re indispensable, while it’s equally tempting for employers to undervalue workers and consider them replaceable in light of high unemployment rates in South Africa. Realistically, neither of these views is productive. Rarely is an individual truly

Dalya Ketz MD of G Cubed discusses how outsourcing is on the rise in South Africa and how remote work is said to be presenting job opportunities for South Africans.


Recruitment in 2022 – technology has changed everything, but the human touch is more important than ever

By Dalya Ketz, MD at Gcubed Boutique Recruitment Working from home during the Covid-19 lockdowns accelerated the uptake of technology that gave people the ability to access company resources while communicating and collaborating with colleagues, partners, and customers remotely. Everything changed from face-to-face and became webcam-to-webcam instead and every industry has had to adjust. The

Outsourcing is on the rise, and South Africa is a prime destination

By Dalya Ketz, MD at Gcubed For better or worse, Covid-19 has changed the world of work, and many businesses have realised that certain positions can easily be filled by remote workers. This opens up a whole new realm of opportunity for outsourcing overseas, where skills may be available for a fraction of the cost

Recruitment is HR, HR is not recruitment

By Dalya Ketz, MD at Gcubed The terms Human Resource (HR) management and recruitment are often used interchangeably, and often in smaller businesses, the two are lumped together. The reality though is that while recruitment is part of HR, they are not one and the same. HR handles a variety of different functions, and one

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Dalya Ketz MD of G Cubed discusses business mentorship, SA as an outsource destination – increasing employment opportunities: CONTACT US