Dalya Ketz
Managing Director

BA: Corporate Communications

Dalya is the ‘leader’ of our Gcubed pack, and what a pack it is – a highly qualified and efficient team of experienced talent acquisition specialists. Dalya has over 15 years specialist recruitment, headhunting and HR experience which is the essence of Gcubed: building strong, long-lasting client and candidate relationships.

Cathy Meyer
General Manager

B.Soc.Sc (Hons): Sociology

Determined at getting things right and getting them right the first time, Cathy focuses her energy and 10 years’ industry experience in driving the team and business forward to succeed in an ever-changing market.

Brad Pieter
Business Development Executive

BCom: Economics and Management

Brad brings 5 years of sales experience to the Gcubed Team aka “The Winning Team.” Being a true people’s person, Brad is always open to having conversations, learning more, finding out more and adding value where he can. He’s the guy you call to make your life easier and to make it easier fast.

Thashim Seechoonparsad
Senior Business Development Manager

B.Soc.Sc: Marketing, Media and Cultural Studies

With over 9 years of industry experience, Thashim has supported business owners, hiring managers and organisations across industries to fulfil their talent needs. A passion for people, a connector, and the “go-to-guy” when someone needs assistance, he is motivated to establish and strengthen valuable relationships with clients.

Kim Kramer
Talent Acquisition Specialist

BA: Law, LLB, Admitted attorney of the High Court of SA

“Leave no stone unturned” is the motto Kim lives by. After 8 years in recruitment, she’s learned not to take no for an answer and to always ensure that the right candidates are matched to the right clients.

Lilly Hoogstad
Talent Acquisition Specialist

B.Sc (Hons): Psychology

Lilly is the British girl with the Afrikaans surname. She has an analytical mind, with a strong gut instinct, which means she gets a good feel for clients and candidates from the first interaction. She enjoys speaking to people from all walks of life, and truly making a difference by matching a great candidate with a great client. A mum to two young boys, she knows how to multi-task… and how to build train tracks, Lego and throw a cricket ball if you ever need those skills!

Thumeka Mtwentwe
Talent Acquisition Specialist

BA: Psychology

Sugar and spice and all things nice! Driven by success and money, Thumeka uses her 6 years’ experience to deliver the best service and candidates to her clients.

Thaby Shabangu
Talent Sourcer

BCom Business Management

With 4-years headhunting experience, Thaby always chooses quality over quantity for the winning team! She doesn’t know you nor does she have your CV, but she will find you. *Queue ninja music*

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